Thursday, July 14, 2016

Norlan Whisky Glass: First Thoughts

As a Kickstarter backer, I was happy to get my Norlan Whisky glasses yesterday!

Unpacked, and ready to taste!  Loved the whisky bottle container

I tried it side by side with three other glasses.  I used The Balvenie 17 Sherry Oak for the first tasting (I've stockpiled a few, only to be used on special occasions. I know this whisky best).   I'll try a heavier peated Scotch on my next round.
Brandy snifter 'borrowed' from a tasting, SMWS glass, Glencarin bought at The Balvenie distillery, and The Norlan

My take:

Don't bother with the short snifter. It is too overpowering, then dies out faster than the rest.
The Single Malt Whisky Society glass is best for those who like to use the Murray method of pre-warming. That said, I've found the Murray Method can separate aromas that should be sampled together. Kills peat and tends to make everything too sweet.

The Glencairn has the best nose shortly after pouring.

But, once the Norlan has had the liquid in it for about 5 minutes, it just keeps going and going and going, while the other glasses fade out. It really is amazing to try them side by side.

The obvious solution: Get all three and divide your dram into them!

The Norlan Top view.  Fins are visible.

Glencairn top view


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