Monday, January 9, 2012

Washington Whiskey Watch was created to give a voice to the voters who approved I-1183 in 2011.  That bill privatized the sale of liquor in the state of Washington, due to take effect in June 2012.
We voted for the bill thinking that we would have

  • More Convenience (better hours and more locations)
  • Lower Prices
  • More Variety
    • Especially that of local micro-distillers
  • Finally and most importantly, don't forget that WA State had the highest no-sale-to-minors record in the union, at 94% compliance. We need to continue to meet or beat that record.

Once the new set of laws go into effect, we want to make sure that these goals happen.  If not, we will work to amend the law so they do.

I may be posting additional stuff here, but please search Google+ & Facebook for the term "Washington Whiskey Watch" and like or subscribe those pages for the most recent updates.

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